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TurboTax Basic 2015 - 2016


Is TurboTax Basic the best choice for you?

TurboTax Basic is ideal for returning users. It makes doing your simple taxes easy by guiding you step by step through your federal tax return with ease. It searches for credits as it provides tax-saving tips to help you get the biggest refund possible. TurboTax Basic double checks your entries as you go to help make sure your return is accurately completed.


TurboTax Online Tax PreparationIt's an easy way to do your do your tax return preparation without complications.

You Should Use TurboTax Basic 2015 - 2016  if:

  • you file a 1040EZ or other simple return

  • you own your home but donít have a mortgage

  • you rent your home or apartment

When I purchased the TurboTax Basic Software the first time I thought long and hard about the purchase since I just didn't believe that I would really be able to do my own taxes. To my surprise I found that today's software makes filing easy for anyone, regardless of tax or math skills.

It's important to get the edition that will be the best fit for your filing situation. Basic filing is really for simple returns that require limited forms like 1040 and 1040ez.

Supported Computer Platforms

TurboTax Basic - Mac & Windows

Works with most operating systems.


Turbo Tax Basic OnlineUse Online: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / Mac OS X


TurboTax Basic 2015 Software

More Details:

TurboTax Basic Features

>> TurboTax Online Tax Preparation Software Editions - Comparison Chart

The Basic Software Edition includes all the bells and whistles from the Free Edition, along with additional Basic Features for importing data, additional support and more.

Screen Shot - Online Comparison Chart

TurboTax Software Comparison ChartTurboTax Basic Edition can be a big help to tax filers when it's time to start entering data. The basic edition is the first product in the TurboTax software lineup that offers import capabilities.

When your ready to start your taxx return preparation, the first step is to import all the data you can to save time and increase accuracy.

First thing you may want to import is your w2 form from your employer.

Another form that imports easily is your 1099 Miscellaneous Income.

Next, the TurboTax Basic  Edition also imports financial data from various financial institutions.

Once you have imported all you can, there is just the basic questions to answer and your ready to file your return with the Internal Revenue Service.

TurboTax Basic Edition

Big tax refunds are what we want right? After all, Uncle Samuel isn't typically looking out for our best interest is he? For a lot of Americans this basic edition is all they'll need to complete there filing process with ease, and to ensure your taking all the deductions you can...

To my surprise it took me just under an hour to complete my return, and it did all of the math calculations for me. This software made it so quick and simple! that I had to write about it. The basic program has superior on-screen guidance that gives you access to technical support by phone, live chat, email, and TurboTax's knowledgebase. TurboTax's technical support is very responsive and knowledgeable.

TurboTax Tax Preparation Software

What I found particularly pleasing about this product was the way it packaged up sections of the interview process to get me moving in the right direction, all while eliminating sections that just didn't apply to me. I hate fumbling through paragraphs and questions that aren't needed based on my return.


Something else that impressed me was the multiple sources of easy to use guidance and help. It seems no matter where I was in the preparation process, there was always support to help if I didn't understand, or needed more information. Seems they have really used the years of experience to cover all the issues that have come up year after year. Give it a try, you'll be pleased you did.



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